Full Container Load (FCL shipping)

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Full Container Load (FCL shipping)

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FCL shipping or (Full Container Load shipping) refers to having exclusive access to a container for your use only. This does not mean you must fill the container and in some cases you may find FCL shipping is more efficient than Less than Container Load (LCL shipping). Whilst calculating the relative costs should determine which option is more valid, and you can request a free no-obligation quote from CCT today, roughly speaking FCL shipping is more efficient if you have 12 or more pallet loads of cargo.

Filling your own container gives you the facility of being able to load your own freight and easily track its progress. With all your goods arriving at the same time in the same container, onward freight forwarding via container haulage is simplified, streamlined, and made more efficient.

FCL Shipping

If you are shipping sufficient stock levels to benefit from FCL shipping then CCT can help ensure the process is made easy and effective with our years of freight forwarding experience and comprehensive range of services – from the transportation of your cargo between major ports in the UK, China, USA and major international destinations to local customs clearance, the temporary storage of goods in bonded warehousing and the final delivery of the goods to the target destination by land.

What CCT offers

  • Pre shipment packing sorting / labelling
  • Buyers consolidation single or multi vendor
  • The maximum number of departures from the full sailing schedule
  • Customs Clearance at all UK ports
  • Container haulage
  • Fixed term contacts in order to control your costs
  • Capped rates to ensure your upper price fixed whilst you can enjoy lower spot rates available in the market
  • Transfer to our bonded warehouse or Enhanced Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) distribution centre for all your fulfilment and logistic requirements

What size are FCL containers?

The most typical sizes of containers are:

20 foot (Twenty foot equivalent unit or TEU):
20′ long x 8′ wide x 8.5′ high (6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m)
40 foot (Forty foot equivalent unit or FEU):
40′ long x 8′ wide x 8.5′ high (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.6m)

These containers offer ample volume for most commercial goods, but for the transport of refrigerated goods, large equipment and other items with specific requirements then other types of containers are available. If you’re having difficulty understanding how to transport more complicated loads the simplest thing to do is to contact CCT and benefit from our experience and expertise in freight forwarding. We’ve probably dealt with your issue before and are always looking for a challenge!

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